I have been serving Mistress Vika on and off for the past 4 years.  She is simply the best Domme I have ever had the privilege of serving: genuine, honest, intelligent, skilled, and beautiful.  When we first met, Mistress Vika was a new Domme, learning and feeling her way.  I was immediately captivated by her innate dominance and obvious delight in training submissive males.  I have watched her blossom into an accomplished Domme whose skills now match her fascination with the D/s lifestyle.  


Mistress Vika believes that males need to be trained to overcome the social pressures they have grown up with to objectify and demean Women.  As far as I am concerned, she has been very successful (though she is still working with me on this!).  At her feet, I have learned the true meaning of respect, submission, and servitude.  Mistress Vika respects limits and practices open communication with her submissive.  We have built a high level of trust.  She has pushed my boundaries and helped me discover forms of submission that I had not previously  experienced.  Examples include feminization and Goddess worship. I highly recommend Mistress Vika to any submissive who wants to experience the very best.  She has high standards and can be very demanding. Serving her is a real privilege but one that must be earned.  


 -- tim


  the epitomy of Female Superiority-extremely Intelligent and Creative, behind those gorgeous blue eyes is a most active mind, while She is the most impossibly Beautiful Woman--She is the Ideal!

Pure Beauty--the absolute Russian Queen, Regal and Haughtywith perfect porcelain skin, a face stolen from Helen of Troy, with a 5'8" physique that is total Perfection...i give Her everything, i love and adore Her beyond imagination! She is the Real Thing, A Woman who demands and deserves to be worshipped as a Goddess....

I have served Her for 2 years and will never ever leave Her domain. No one else compares!

-- greg

Mistress Vika Sirin is a wonderful, sexy Russian Goddess. From the moment I met Her I was utterly entranced and under Her spell. She immediately had me naked, crawling on the floor, kissing Her boots and wanting to do spend as much time as possible worshipping Her. She was adept at torturing nipples, cock and balls, as well as usage of whips and paddles in all the right places. The highlight of the session was quality time washing Her panties and cleaning Her toilet bowl under Her supervision and whip. Her pictures are wonderful, but they do not do Her beauty justice.

The session was in a hotel room, with the limits that places on a session. That is why I am so glad that She has opened a play space in the Asheville area with a cross, cage and many toys, with plenty of space for play, and sufficient privacy that my moans and screams will be only be heard by Her! I hope to spend a lot of time with Her, and submissives will do well to apply to Her for sessions.

bitch tits

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